How can be reduced Generation gap

How can be reduced Generation gap  

In the previous two articles, I wrote a few words for the posterity. The supplies that are in the possession of the end are in the end. So now I am trying to write some of my ideas. Let's see, how you feel. In this episode, I want to start a discussion.
How can be reduced Generation gap

I have some ideas - not to move away from the small mind at the age of older. To reduce the "Generation Gap" in white words. My intellect is so subtle that almost no one can say. So if you do not agree with your opinion, then this discussion will die in the field at once. So special request - you can join it. Believe me - I have no imagination to give you any knowledge. Only adults like me (who have passed many years of life) and young people will try to stay in touch with my children - knowing that I do not want to go away from them anyway. Then, along with the body, I will grow old - which I can not accept at all.

There is a word - "some bring happiness wherever they go - the other when they go" Those who like me have crossed 60 (I touched 70 on my own) - Many of them are in the age group of younger members of the second party. If you are not in the first team, but at least not in the next group - you have some ideas and started discussions with you. I'm particularly interested in joining a calf, but if you do not get help from all of you, then why do not you break the horn and if they can not break the horn, why would they take me in the team?

Now the start of my concept

A) One day I was sitting alone in a park alone. A little school boy would sit at some point after school, discussing that. A gentleman like me sat down beside them. He started his own after him and what should he read about. His tone and language that seemed to be in the way it seemed that he was all aware. I heard a boy say to the next boy, "Who is the old man?" By the end of the day, they did not say anything and went to another place. From this incident, I think that after one age, many of us love to talk - lose interest in listening and patience. Think of it - many of us do give the knowledge of young people - we do not give them the opportunity to speak. In this age, the adults only became "potable" to them.

B) From my own experience I can say, with the opportunity to talk to them, many times it is seen that they are right. But in that case we have to accept it - do not accept it with your false pride. I think the little talk about the younger ones is a little lighter and if you add some joke, then I think they can be very close people. This can be a lot easier and they can talk openly. I know all - I know all the time - when they start with this, they will laugh and pretend to hear - but they will not listen. Some brave boys can go up. The biggest needs to be discussed in terms of their adult.

C) Our last word - this misconception is that we have a lot of time. The new generation knows much more than us in many matters. Many of us have the courage to tell the truth with our chest, but we can not accept it from our own ego. If we do not accept, we will move away from the new generation and the generation gap will increase. Apart from this, I have got the benefit of many times by starting discussions to know the opinions of the younger ones first. Many times when they started talking before, they got tired - or discouraged.

I remember one more incident in this regard. One day I was alone in a park - there was nothing to do. Unexpectedly, a group of college students came to me beside me. One told me that they wanted to know my opinion about passing and passing abroad. I was very happy to get this opportunity to give my mind knowledge. But by listening to the lake, I remember the experience of 'old man who had died'. So I said, "I have to know this thing myself, but I have a lot of knowledge about this long ago - I do not know whether it is right or not. Believe me, we talked a lot about this - like all ages.

These are my own personal ideas - I am very much interested in your idea - "I am old now" in the words of Sukumar Rai and I feel very reluctant to be old. So I want to help you in my special way.

Now we want to discuss with you another topic. Like abroad, nowadays old people have started well in our country. Many of the boys and girls are now abroad - old and old alone are alone At least as long as there are two - in some way. But one has to go before. If the body is not healthy on it - then it is very difficult to walk alone. I have seen many old people thinking about these things. But that which I could not digest - it's just the fear of staying with the old man in the mind. I think - if you add the orphanage to the children's orphanage with old age, those older adults will be able to match them - they can think like their grandchildren and do not get old from their mind.

Before finishing, say - this will be of great benefit to you if you tell your opinion.
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